6 Time Management Tips for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Now that the tax season is in full swing, managing time to complete compliance requirements will be more challenging.

But there are simple ways you can do to take some of the pressure of. These 6 time management tips will also help improve your productivity.

6 Time Management Tips

  1. Write a to-do list before starting the day

Keep at least three high priority tasks on your to-do list. This prevents you from getting overwhelmed with too much accounting or bookkeeping tasks. A short and simple to-do list gives you focus and makes you feel more accomplished.

If you happen to accomplish them before the day ends, create another list to move on to the next tasks.

  1. Set a standard procedure for repeatable tasks

Are there tasks that are similar across various clients? Creating a standard operating procedure (SOP) can be a good opportunity to standardize processes, reducing the amount of time when executing tasks. Some examples are onboarding new clients, billing and invoicing, and conducting monthly reports.

  1. Have a turn-around time for email responses

Implementing an email turn-around rule will avoid causing possible delays when emails are not answered promptly. The usual turn-around rule to respond is within 24 hours. But if more time is needed to gather all the details needed, the key is to inform the receiver on the most possible time you can get back to them.

  1. Know where and how to communicate concerns

Selecting the right platform to discuss your concern gives more efficiency to address concerns. It saves time as it organises conversations according to their urgency and importance.

It can be helpful if you apply these simple practices to effectively communicate concerns:

  • Use chat applications for quick and short questions/concerns
  • Send an email if the concern has long details and you need to be descriptive
  • Schedule a call when a discussion is necessary
  • Include labels such as FYI or Urgent at the beginning of the subject line if important information must be communicated
  1. Automate processes

Accounting and bookkeeping software such as Xero allows you to speed up accounting processes. Utilising technology helps you allocate more time on other business areas. The good news is there are software that can be integrated to put all the automation processes in one place.

  1. Use a project management software

If you are handling multiple clients, a project management tool streamlines your deliverables and track your deadlines. WorkflowMax is one of the most common project management software used by accountants. Not only it can be used for organising tasks and clients; it also allows you to quote, invoice, and generate reports.

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This article is provided as general information only and does not consider your specific situation, objectives or needs. It does not represent accounting advice upon which any person may act.