BMG – Philippines Turns One

BMG Accountants – Philippines celebrated its 1st year Anniversary of opening its new office at Clark, Pampanga on March 5, 2013. Through the years we’ve helped entrepreneurs become more successful. And we would like to thank you for your unending support.

As we celebrate our 1st year at Clark, we thought it worthwhile to share our thoughts on the past year.

“A successful company is composed of a great team”.  Glad I have these people to start with BMG – Philippines.  Soar high team!

 –Elmira Carel                                                                                             General Manager – BMG Phils




I am happy working with Australian people and with the same old friends. A year has passed and I don’t regret my decision to be relocated here and having more knowledge through trainings and online webinars. Though at first, I took it as a challenge but later on, I am enjoying my job and I felt so blessed working with kind hearted people guiding me into a brighter direction. Many thanks and long Live BMG!

Rick Fernandez                                                                                                               Manager / Accountant



It is my deep gratitude to be part of this team and working with the people around me, where knowledge is given freely, exposing us to advanced accounting systems and implementing techniques for us to be an organized individual. BMG molds us to be credible and dignified in all aspects. A one year experience with BMG is very exciting and of course, drives us to commit and bring out our BEST. Cheers!

Ruth Dolotina                                                                                               Manager / Accountant



It has been an enormous experience for the first year and I am proud and grateful to be a part of the BMG team. I can say that I have upgraded my experience to the next level and I am on the right path to achieve my goals. I am delighted to have served our clients the best that we can… A lot of fruitful years to come and I will endeavor to continue doing my work and enhance my knowledge.

Mary Lyn Telos                                                                                             Accountant



I am very fortunate to be working for such a company. It is said that small things are the most appreciated ones as I was so happy with this gesture, because it made me feel and see that our hard work is very much appreciated. It reflects a strong foundation and a lot of experience to fall back on; but mostly thank you for opening your doors and allowing me to showcase what I can do and a chance to learn and earn in mind and spirit, because my life has been changed by the opportunities that have been given to me.

My warmest congratulations on a wonderful achievement for the past year: a great company with a wonderful group of people, and we all know that great people make great companies.

Bernadette Hayahay                                                                                                         Marketing / Business Development