Making your Business Stand Out!

What is it about your business that sets you apart from your competitors?

Unique Selling Proposition

What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? Your USP identifies what makes your business unique and what makes it distinct from other businesses of its type. Your USP is your competitive edge; it is the reason people should deal with you rather than someone else.

Coming up with the perfect USP

The possibilities are endless! The best thing to do is to adopt a USP that fills an obvious need in the marketplace. Focus on a gap in the market or create your own niche.

Creating Your USP

Write down all the positive aspects of your business, such as good service, quality products, reasonably priced. Also list the benefits your business could bring to customers. These could be things like family friendly, free delivery, after-hours service, fast turnaround time, locally produced, convenient location. Make sure that the benefits you list are things you can achieve and deliver.

Check out your competition. If a competitor is offering one or more of the benefits that you have written down, cross it off the list. Narrow down your list until you find a benefit that is truly exclusive.

It’s not always easy to come up with a new concept. So take your time, look closely at your business and think about:

  • What it is you really want to offer
  • Who you want to target
  • Why you want people to come to you
  • How you propose to help them

In order to maximise the overall benefit from your USP, ensure that you also communicateit to your staff so that they can understand what it is and why it exists so they can feel a sense of ownership and commitment to it.

Adding Value to your products

Adding value to your product or service is an important point to consider when developing a USP. Value adding is when organisations provide their customers a product or service that is over and above the core product / service. The value added component is therefore not necessarily expected by the customer, but when supplied with the purchase provides additional benefit and a potential source of differentiation from competitors.

An example of value adding can be things like extended product warranties, free delivery, or bonus product features.

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