First time in outsourced bookkeeping and accounting? Here’s a quick guide

Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting have been a well-known strategy for many Australian businesses. With its popularity, many small businesses, companies, and firms are utilising this approach to gain advantage

If you are new to this strategy, below is a quick guide to help you get started in outsourcing.

Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting guide

outsourced bookkeeping

  1. What tasks are you ready and needing to outsource?

For starters, it is wise to start outsourcing non-core tasks. Think of it as testing the waters while benefiting from the advantages of outsourcing. Such advantages include having more time to focus on core tasks.

Along with these tasks, you should also be able to include the skills required to accomplish them.

  1. Full time or part-time?

Assess if tasks you will outsource can be done on an hourly basis or you need full-time staff. Ask for price comparison when discussing your requirements with an outsourcing firm. Do not quickly enter into an outsourcing agreement without weighing your options.

  1. Where to outsource bookkeeping and accounting?

Take the time to choose the right accounting firm for your business. Stick to your business goals so you won’t fall into the trips and traps of outsourcing.

Our Philippine accounting firm counterpart, BMG Business Solutions, discusses the key considerations when choosing an outsourced accounting firm.

  1. What accounting and other software the outsourcing firm are using?

Outsourcing is more efficient if the outsourcing firm uses the same software in your business. Task delegation will be easier because they have a background of what your business uses.

For businesses that are yet to implement software, it is good to seek recommendations from the outsourcing firm. One of the keys to successful outsourcing is a proper integration of systems and processes.

  1. How will you delegate tasks?

You may need to tweak few stages in your task delegation process. For example, rather than sending emails, you can utilise project management tools to assign tasks. Such tools help you monitor the staff’s progress or if the team is having backlogs.

Of course, a project management tool is only one way to delegate tasks. Discuss with the outsourcing firm what’s the best way to do this to avoid delays.

  1. What is the outsourcing firm’s onboarding process?

A proper onboarding process is a groundwork for a smooth working relationship with the outsourced accounting firm. This is the stage where the outsourced accountant understands more about your business, the processes and systems implemented, and collects all necessary details for the tasks.

Client onboarding guarantees that goals will be achieved. Make sure that you have covered everything that the outsourcing accountant needs to know.

Are you ready to outsource accounting and bookkeeping tasks?

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 This article is provided as general information only and does not consider your specific situation, objectives, or needs. It does not represent accounting advice upon which any person may act.