What You Need to Know about DocuSign

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic signatures have been legalised in Australia to make digital transactions easier. BMG Accountants has been using DocuSign, a global leader in electronic signature technology, since 24 September 2018. Here are what you need to know about DocuSign.

Is an electronic signature, or eSignature, legal in Australia?

Electronic signature, or eSignature, has been legalised in Australia since 1999 through Electronic Transactions Act. This legalisation validates an electronic signature to contracts between legally competent parties who reach an agreement – verbally, electronically or thru a physical paper document.

Can I use an eSignature for legal documents?

Yes, a Standard Electronic Signature (SES) is appropriate under the following cases:

  • HR documents (ie. employment contracts and new employee onboarding processes)
  • Commercial agreements, including NDAs, procurement documents and sales agreements
  • Consumer agreements, including terms and conditions of sale
  • Real estate documents, including lease agreements, purchase and sales contracts and other related residential and commercial real estate documentation
  • A non-exclusive license of intellectual property
What are the benefits of using DocuSign for electronic signature?
  1. Accessibility. DocuSign can be accessed on a PC, Mac and Linux. It is also compatible with tablets and phones such as Android, Apple and Windows. This means, wherever you are, you can use DocuSign as long as you have an internet access to review, sign and send back documents.
  2. Convenient. DocuSign provides you with a PDF copy in your email. This gives you a convenience when you need to send a copy of your latest tax return to the bank.
  3. Security. To avoid forgery of your standard signature, an email and a unique SMS code are provided. This is to confirm that it is you who signed the document and not anyone else.
  4. Time efficient. No need to go to the post office to send signed returns and other documents. You can send them, signed or unsigned, at your most convenient time.
  5. Cost efficient. DocuSign helps you and your clients reduce paper wastage and costs of transporting documents. You can also store and retrieve documents for up to 20 years.
How to DocuSign in 3 simple steps?
  1. Click the link in the email you received from us.
  2. Follow the DocuSign tabs and simple instructions to guide you through the signing process.
  3. Click Finish once you’re done signing.
How can I sign documents using devices such as tablet or smartphone?

There are two ways on how you can sign documents using either your tablet or smartphone:

  • Use your finger to sign the document, or
  • Take a photo of your signature if your device has a camera installed
Am I required to sign up for DocuSign?

No, you do not have to sign up. Although we encourage you, our valued client, to sign up so you can access to all your electronically signed documents. You will be seeing a prompt to sign up for a free account at the end of signing a document.

What do I need to do?

Please make sure that your contact information (ie. email address, individual or family, and mobile phone per individual) in our office is updated. Any changes in your contact details, please notify us at info@beale.net.au. A legal guardian’s email and/or phone number will be acceptable for minors.

What if I am not comfortable in using DocuSign?

Although we strongly recommend DocuSign for signing documents, we also understand and take into consideration your personal preference. Our staff is available to assist you in this transition over a call when signing through DocuSign. However, should you still not prefer this, we are more than happy to send you paper copies.